Learning Opportunities

The GSEE School will serve a major role in the world's energy future due to the earth's limited supplies of fossil fuels - such as gas, oil and coal - and to help mitigate the effects of the global warming.  Schools of environmental, ecology, and geosciences have been increasingly important since the increasing concern for alternative energy usage and global preservation.

GSEE will provide students with opportunities to connect with themselves, their community and their local environment through hands–on, real–world learning experience that enables students to see that their learning is relevant to their world, to take pride in the place in which they live, to connect with the rest of the world in a natural way and to develop into concerned and contributing citizens.

What better place to start than in the place known as school? Let's teach students about:

If we invest the time and money to teach our children these lessons in precaution and sustainability, they can play an integral role in making our schools, communities, and planet more sustainable and healthy.

5 Steps for Effective Environmental Education

Real World Math and Science

Facing the Future has done it again - an easy-to-use curriculum that helps students meet standards while integrating environmental activities.

Hands-on math and science resources engage students in learning foundational math and science through real-world data on global issues. The teacher's guide will contain topics such as climate change, population, earth preservation, alternative energy and financial literacy.

Benefits of Environmental Education

Why environmental themes? Because children have a natural interest in the environment around them. Interested students are motivated students, and motivation is a key ingredient for academic achievement."

According to National Environmental Education Week and a growing body of research, schools that adopt an environmental focus demonstrate better academic performance across the curriculum. Environmental education helps build creative thinking and relationship skills, and fosters leadership qualities.

Learn more about the many academic and health benefits of environmental education at http://www.eeweek.org/resources/EE_benefits