Academic Overview:

The GSEE School experience is broken down into four main dispositions of focus: Academics, Therapy, Experiential Education, and Student Life. Each disposition is a stand along program, designed for excellence, balance, and a rigorous opportunity for each of our students to stretch and grow. Yet, when combined, these four dispositions provide a balanced approach to life….a life that will become a change agent in the world in which we live.


The GSEE School provides a college preparation program heavily focused in hands-on science and math where solution based learning is its own reward. GSEE stresses the "hands-on" learning environment, where lessons are not only applied and retained, but a lifelong love of learning becomes part of the student. A full curriculum of college preparatory courses, Honors, Life Sciences, and Advanced Placement courses in all academic areas stressing academic achievement.

GSEE students are encouraged to begin the college application process in the junior year, and college visits begin as early as their sophomore year. All GSEE students who maintain a 3.5 GPA will receive a scholarship to any state college or university of their choice.

In the GSEE School context, natural curiosity receives encouragement and direction, as do individual abilities. Here, solution-based learning is one of life's consummate celebrations.

At the GSEE School we offer year round education with intervals of recesses and vacations embedded within the school calendar. Our students attend classes six days a week from 8am until 3pm Monday through Friday. Each student will have a laptop computer for academic research and class work.

Experiential Education:

Based on the premise that field experience greatly enhances classroom learning, GSEE organizes students' recreational learning into Cohort Programs. These cohorts explore service opportunities, the arts, and hands-on education adventures. Here, students master various skills, improve natural abilities and are motivated to share their capabilities with others.

Our cohort program is credit based, designed to offer in depth immersion in a variety of skills, passions, and opportunities to give back to society. The students are required to complete 20 service hours per semester.

Each cohort completes assigned community service jobs, and projects in the studies of geo-science, engineering, health science, literary, and various world concerns in the aforementioned projects. It is our hope that each student can take any of these new found passions and implement them into their lives and the world at large.

Course electives fall into three main focus areas: service opportunities, the fine arts, and outdoor education adventures. Students are asked to complete five electives, at least one in each of the three focus areas. After fulfilling these requirements students may select other electives available to them each semester.

Dress/Grooming Standard

The way a person dresses is often a non-verbal self-expression of who he thinks he is or who he would like to be. How a person appears on the outside is often a reflection of what an individual may be experiencing on the inside. In fact, emotional health, personal hygiene, grooming and dress are often interrelated. GSEE students are expected to present themselves in accordance with the uniform policy, school dress code and grooming standards.

Furthermore, GSEE is 100% committed to maintaining a drug, alcohol and smoke free campus. Some GSEE students may have had a drug or alcohol problem in the past. We hope they have invested great time, effort and commitment to their sobriety before choosing to enroll at GSEE. For all of the above reasons, GSEE takes the dress and grooming standard very seriously. In no way will the dress and grooming habits of GSEE students be reflective of a negative lifestyle or a questionable sub culture.

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