About GSEE

The mission of GSEE is to establish an educational program, grades 4 – 12 with enhanced courses in the geo sciences and environmental studies within an interdisciplinary curriculum. Every student that attends GSEE will be afforded a basic academic grounding in chemistry, biology, and math, combined with core courses addressing environmental and earth appreciation and preservation.

The highly enriched curricula along with thematic threads of earth appreciation, scientific exploration and conservation will generate a passion among students to help solve the world's natural crisis's, i.e., global warming, energy alternatives, earth erosion, etc. In addition, highly skilled and devoted teachers will disseminate new tools, methods, knowledge, and technologies that promote, enable, and support environmental, economic, and societal sustainability principles.

The vision of GSEE has been formed in the context of the declining number of U.S. students, grades 4 – 12 choosing to pursue advanced study in science, technology, engineering, and math fields. There are an unprecedented number of members in Congress who note the important contribution of these fields to the economy and national security.