GSEE of Houston, Texas intends to become the nation's leading
educational program


The mission of GSEE (The School of Geo-sciences and Environmental Engineering) is to establish an educational program , grades 4 – 12 with enhanced

Our Future

A Clean Energy Future – Senator Reid

Our country is too dependent on oil and
fossil fuels, which pollute our air
place our economy

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The GSEE School experience is broken down into four main dispositions of focus: Academics, Therapy, Experiential Education, and Student Life. Each disposition is a stand along program, designed for excellence, balance, and a rigorous opportunity for each of our students to stretch and grow. Yet, when combined, these four dispositions provide a balanced approach to life….a life that will become a change agent in the world in which we live.

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All schools in Connecticut must go green and remove all toxic chemicals by July 2011.

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